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The cosmetics market is very specific and it is obvious that we are not familiar with new data. 
The questions that you probably have is utterly logical and purposeful. 
Our experts answer all and you solve any query or doubt!

Why should I choose to make my own cosmetics at home?

Εvery day we have a lot of vegetables, fruits, oils, herbs and many other foods that do not only benefit our health but can instantly improve our skin. There are a lot of people out there who do not know the benefits of many ingredients in skin care, ingredients that everyone has in his or her kitchen or can find them in the nearest market. It is no coincidence that our ancestors used natural therapies for the care of the face and the body. 

However, year after year, we have ourselves assigned to the cosmetics industry spending money and, unfortunately, many times do not produce the desired results. No cosmetic can be as effective as a fresh one, a product that at the time we want it, we can make it with fresh ingredients from our kitchen. Let's consider how it is possible for a fresh food to be healthier than a pre-cooked. The same happens with cosmetics. In addition, most women who really love their skin want to know the quality of the cosmetics they use on their skin and know the action of each component. This is easy to do with the Made By You Range since for each phase the action of each component is analyzed.

Is the fresh cosmetics that I will make more effective than a finished product?

The logic of the creation of these products is not, if it is more 'effective'.

The quality and effectiveness of a cosmetic product is based not only on freshness but on a number of factors such as: the quality of the ingredients used their correct proportions, the balanced prescription, the choice of the appropriate ingredients in relation to the action required and skin needs. The uniqueness of your Made By You cosmetic products is based on the following (rephrased somehow):

"I do not want great promises in my life. I just want the simple things that make life great"

In our own words, making a cosmetic at home, gives value to things that our everyday reality nowadays ignores...

Ingredients that we all have at our home and we consume almost indifferently (kiwi, chocolate, tea, vanilla, sugar etc) have so many actions for our skin that many chemical ingredients together do not have! Making a warm, fresh food, the warmth of your home and your personal or family enjoyment is an important and unique experience. Consider about what kind of experience and enjoyment it will be like to make a fresh cosmetic in your home!!

"Love goes through the stomach" they say. Now you will say that love is going through your ... velvet skin..! In a time full of obligations, problems, minimum personal time, we have forgotten the most important element-sentiment of life. Creation! Now our specialists are handing it out to you! 

"To feel creative is even more important than to feel important!" 

Is there a chance that the cosmetics I'm going to make alone will not succeed?

If you think that your cosmetic will not succeed, 


How? We will take it back and return your money!*

* Ιf you have any failure in production procedure

** If there's any quality problem in a time period of 6 months after production

How long does it take to make a product of Made By You Range?

It will take just 10 minutes to make Bath & Shower Gels, Shampoos and Body Milks! 

It will take just 13 minutes to make Face Creams and Body Butters! 

Can i choose the price that satisfies me?

Of course! You can choose the packaging of your desire at the price that satisfies you!

Every packaging has a different price!

In which section can i see the method of preparation? 

You can see all the methods of preparation in 2 sections.

1. Home > Made by you > Global Exclusivity > How To - Videos

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