The first pharmacy bearing the Sodis name was opened in Chios island, having long and rich charity action (sharing by free drugs to hospitals and poor people).


Another pharmacy was opened in Constantinople.In 1939 a new pharmacy opens in Egypt!


As a restless person with deep and pure faith in Chios, he immerses himself in politics and is elected as back bench, Mayor, and President of the Pharmaceutical company of Chios and of the Nautical club of Chios.


Εstablishing a cosmetics laboratory, unprecedented for that time and for the Aegean region, manufacturing the French cosmetics (Mary Cohr & Guinot)


Launching – in a commercial packaging – the world’s first mastic-based cosmetic, the Masticdent toothpaste, with special healing properties for the gums.


Almost every one of our today products have the research tries and experimental practices of Ioannis Sodis as a prototype. He died in 1992 at the age of 61. He left priceless research fieldwork and an inextinguishable passion and love for cosmetology behind…